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303, Third Floor, 78 Business Park, Station Road, Near Dreams Mall, Bhandup West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 078

Clean India Services


CLEAN INDIA SERVICES is recognized as one of the India’s leading providers of integrated facilities management solutions and building maintenance services. We deliver a “one-stop-shop for a wide range of business outsourcing services. We are confident that our exhaustive exhibits would have enlightened you on our intrinsic and imminent services with maximum utilization of latest Technology and Machines to your operations which will have a positive impact on your productivity and profitability. We draw your kind attention towards few plus points of our Organization which I would like to narrate to your good selves.

It brings us immense pleasure to introduce CLEAN INDIA SERVICES to you. We thank you for spending some time from your busy schedule to go through our synopsis.

Not many years ago, did we find the corporate world to be so competitive and challenging In order to sustain in today’s world, the most appropriate strategy is to look out for associations who stay committed and offer you economic delivery Services as required.

The trend is now leaning towards managing one’s own core business, whilst outsourcing other activities and it needs very well managed processes to execute outsourced business functions. We at CLEAN INDIA SERVICES believe the correct approach towards outsourcing business is to have a distinction between your core / relative functionalities and then associate with outsourcing partners such as CLEAN INDIA SERVICES, who have had the experience to manage these functions with relative ease and in a timely fashion. We have the right mix of experience and youthful thinking. This gives us an advantage to be dynamic, well crafted, and synchronous and at the same time process oriented.

our services


We offer Facility, Property & Hospitality Management Services

We undertake housekeeping services for corporate offices and residential complexes, Towers & societies We induct the latest equipment available in the industry for our cleaning operations and use only branded and ( to the extent possible) bio-degradable and environmentally friendly chemicals. We have all the necessary tools and equipments required for housekeeping. We deploy a worked force of trained , honest, trustworthy and dedicated staff to service our clients to attain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

We give great importance to housekeeping services since a clean workplace Enhances the client’s esteem and improves the work culture of the clients employees. We also understand the effort and investment put in by the clients to develop a facility of international standards and it's our endeavour to maintain it accordingly. Personal attention is also given to our employees keeping in mind their health, hygiene and safe working conditions

Pantry is an area where ready to serve Food & Beverages are stored for further service in the office & staff cafeteria. A well trained professional is required at the Pantry to maintain it and serve the desired eateries to various cabins in office. There are so many reasons why the Pantry services are an absolute must for any organization. Firstly, the professional set-up leaves a very positive impression on the mind of the clients who visit. And the most importantly, our job is not only providing professional pantry services but will also have to maintain proper hygiene standards in the Pantry and its surroundings. With 5 years of professional experience of working for corporate sector, Clean India team is well capable of understanding the different requirements of various corporate setups. We have trained pantry staff, who are well trained for pantry skills such as operating the vending machines, using of dishwashing machines, serving to high designated person, organizing meeting, events and French set-ups of layout etc.

We provide Office Boys Services for Industries and Corporate sector. We are having highly trained and dedicated faculty to work for you. Office Boys can do number of works like :

  • Serving Beverages to Entire Staff
  • Take file from one place to another
  • Photo copy of Documents
  • Labelling of Files
  • Handling store room independently
  • Handling mail dispatch, etc.

Our team of professionals help us to plan out a project for Deep Cleaning Service in Maharashtra. We provide this cleaning service to hospitals, industries, companies and homes. Our staffs make use of high quality cleaning material and vacuum cleaner for executing service with high perfection and without any hassle. Widely known for deep and proper cleaning, this service is available to the customers at marginal rates in hassle free way.

Carpet, Chair's & Sofa's are ideal accessories that can change the interiors of your office and these assets have a way of blending to give it an attractive look, but if these assets are in dirty condition, then it will not leave good impression to the employees, clients & visitors.

Clean India is equipped with modern machines such as Dry Foam Generator for Carpet Cleaning, Injection-Extraction Shampoo Machine, Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners and Dry-Cleaning Machines etc. Our expertise extends to cleaning of carpets, sofas and chairs dressed in velvet, cotton tapestry and other inlays.

We would also like to add that we have come up with the latest concept of high quality specialized solution in Carpet & Sofa Shampoo by introducing state of the art equipment, machinery and material to shampoo them.

Presence of Pests, rodents & termite such as flies, bugs, ants, roaches and mice in premises can cause a lot of problems for you. It creates unhealthy environment around you and cause the infections and diseases thereby decreasing the efficiency of the workforce, So ensuring pest-free workplace in order to get rid of the such type of unpleasant atmosphere. termite treatment should be done on priority as it destroys the infrastructure slowly and build up their hide-outs. To eradicate pests from your space, one of the best options is to call Clean India team who will take care by the following :

Control measures like Rodent Trappers, Gum Stickers & Drilling injecting chemicals which are effective against pests like cockroaches, silverfish, black ants, red ants, spiders, crickets, rodents, mice & termite, etc. The use of effective spray in the entire drainage and surrounding areas with special reference to pantry, canteen, cupboards, stores, main holes and toilets etc. Dry repellent chemicals along with foods stuff are kept on designated spots for rats to give them a necessary warning and make them run away.

Clean India services ensure complete & comprehensive protection through our experience pest control technicians.

No matter what types of pest & rodents your business has, Clean India has a specific solution to it and we can help you get rid of it.

Exterior of the building determines the reputation of the company and if, front elevation of your building is made of glass, cleaning of façade / glass comes in priority work list. The exterior of buildings is affected continuously by weather such as heat, wind, snow, rain etc. Therefore, it is a must to maintain buildings using facade cleaning service. An important aspect of facade cleaning is the health and safety of the manpower. Before commencing the service, we ensure our manpower is insured and aware of health and safety regulations

  • High range façade cleaning services through trolleys or spider man.
  • Facade cleaning services up to reachable approach through telescopic rod.
  • Glass cleaning service of windows, doors through telescopic rod and glass squeeze.

This type covers the provision of a range of experienced and trained support staff depending on the needs of the corporate clients such as:

  • Receptionist / Helpdesk
  • Computer Operator
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Swimming Pool Attendant
  • Caretaker
  • Driver
  • Cook
  • Factory Labours etc


We take up Annual maintenance contract for Electrical (including generator and transformer) routine maintenance. We deploy qualified and experienced Electricians on the site for round the clock operations. Electrical and A/c maintenance for office campus, industries and multi-storeyed building, by employing well-experienced licensed electrician and A/c mechanics under the control of Engineering Division.


Our plumbers take up minor as well as major repairs. Weekly visits are done for small offices. Full time personnel are deployed for larger facilities.


All types of woodwork repairs/polishing are undertaken. Outsourcing is a compelling strategic business tool that can solve pressing problems of staff fluctuation, salary cost cut out, Law strategies, Trade Union competencies, etc.

We supply all type of unskilled, Semi Skilled & Skilled staff on contract services with all government labour rules. We take even your labour category staff on our contract basis. It is already the foundation of the global, connected economy. It was once a strategic tool. Our focus is on improving business results through people management interventions.


Administration & Support Team


The below-mentioned services would help you communicate through the ‘One Window System’.





Data Entry Operator

Computer Operator

Factory Labours

Swimming Pool Attendant



303, Third Floor, 78 Business Park,
Station Road, Near Dreams Mall,
Bhandup West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400 078 .